Accommodation for international students - МГУТУ им. К.Г. Разумовского (ПКУ)

Accommodation for international students

Accommodation for international students is available in several options:

  1. Main University dormitory (8b Klinskaja St.): accommodation of privileged categories of students in accordance with federal legislation, as well as foreign nationals studying on the quota of the Russian Government; there are currently no available beds in this accommodation;
  2. Off-campus accommodation alternatives: part-time international students.

Below is some basic information on the check-in process.

1. The university dormitory is provided for the accommodation of preferential categories of students in accordance with the federal legislation, as well as foreign nationals studying under the quota of the Government of the Russian Federation. If a place in the dormitory is allocated for you, a representative of the university will inform you. Please note that there are currently no beds available at this accommodation facility.

Cost of accommodation.

Address of the hostel: 8b Klinskaya St., Moscow.

Number of people per room: 3-5 people (depending on the size of the room).

The process of settling into a hostel takes place in several stages:

  1. Registration of the student at the hostel and processing of documents, including the signing of the accommodation contract;
  2. Obtain a temporary pass from the hostel administration;
  3. Obtaining bedding and keys;
  4. Migration registration (registration) in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Obligatory documents for moving into a dormitory:

  1. Passport and Russian translation,
  2. Migration card,
  3. Medical documents (all documents must have a certified translation into Russian):
    1. A medical certificate 086-U or a similar medical certificate that proves you can study and live in a dormitory (the certificate must have a therapist's opinion as well as a dermatologist's note); additionally a dermatologist's opinion/certificate (in case the main medical certificate does not contain a dermatologist's opinion);
    2. a certificate that you do not have HIV;
    3. fluoroscopy results;
    4. Vaccination certificate (list of all vaccinations/inoculations administered; provided if available);
    5. results of a negative coronavirus test (if available);
  4. a valid VHI or OMS policy;
  5. 2 3 x 4 cm photos (black and white or colour on matt paper);
  6. an extract from the enrolment order and/or certificate of enrolment form No. 7 (can be ordered from the student office);
  7. consent to enter into a tenancy agreement (for minors).

On the day of check-in at the dormitory, come in person with the documents to the Migration and Visa Department for migration registration (registration). Reception mode Monday-Friday from 9.00 to 18.00, lunch from 13-14. In case of non-appearance on the check-in day and failure to register, the university has the right to terminate the contract of residence in the dormitory, as well as to expel the student for violation of the requirements of Russian migration legislation, so the timely registration is very important.

Students who are under the age of majority are required to complete all documents in the presence of one of their legal representatives - a parent or guardian. Legal representatives must have their identity document with them. A passport is best. Guardians or custodians must also present proof of custody or guardianship of the minor to the guardian. More information:

You must also have enough money to cover the cost of your stay (in accordance with the rates) for at least 3 months when you move into a group residence.

2. off-campus accommodation alternatives: in case you do not get a place to stay after being allocated a place in the dormitory and hotel based on the priorities established by the federal legislation of the Russian Federation and the local regulations of the university, we suggest you look at the resources on the Internet to find alternative accommodation options for international students in Moscow:

  1. Student accommodation centre;
  2. Makarov Hostel (Moscow, Sadovnicheskaya Street, 22, bldg. 2) (accommodation for 1 week or more);
  3. Hostel on Kozhukhovskaya (7 Petra Romanova Street, bldg. 1; metro station Kozhukhovskaya) (accommodation possible from 1 night to long term);
  4. Kutuzov Hostel (accommodation from 1 week);
  5. Ilian Hostel (accommodation for a period of 1 week or more);
  6. Хостел Диско;
  7. Colivings accommodation: (What is colivings:
  8. Accommodation at the YE'S Aparthotel.
  9. Room rental, coliving. Moscow:
  10. (website with advertisements for beds, rooms and flats)
  11. (website with advertisements for beds, rooms and flats).

Before moving into a hostel or other accommodation facility, it is necessary to discuss the possibility of migration registration with the administrator of the accommodation facility in advance before moving in. If for some reason you cannot be registered, it is necessary to choose another accommodation facility so as not to violate the migration requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation. Registration must be arranged on the day of arrival at the hostel.

In order to reduce the costs of arranging accommodation, we advise you to consider options outside the Moscow Ring Road, in the Moscow Region and New Moscow, and to plan to rent accommodation facilities as a group. In connection with federal legislation, please remember that foreign nationals must register with the migration authorities immediately upon arrival at their new place of residence (registration). The owner of the dwelling in which the foreigner is staying or residing is responsible for the registration. More information:

Important information for citizens who have not yet reached the age of 18 at the moment of crossing the Russian border (foreign minors): According to the Russian legislation, minors aged from fourteen to eighteen shall perform transactions with the written consent of their legal representatives - parents, adoptive parents or guardian (Article 26, the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). Therefore, foreign nationals who have not reached the age of majority (18 years) at the time of entry into the Russian Federation must execute all necessary documents in the presence of a parent, legal representative or guardian. If, however, you are arriving alone and the arrival of a legal representative is not possible, then additional documents will be required:

  1. A notarised power of attorney or other document authorising you to cross the state border of your country and the Russian Federation on your own without your parents (legal representatives);
  2. A notarised power of attorney (in Russian) stating that parents / legal representatives entrust employees (without specifying names of specific employees) of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education named after K.G. Razumovsky (PKU) (registered office: 73, Zemlyanoy Val Street, Moscow, 109004) to be legal representatives of an underage son/daughter in the Russian Federation on various issues in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, including but not limited to: signing a housing lease; registering for housing
  3. A notarised application for a place in a residence hall by the legal representative of an underage student: the form can be downloaded from the section on residence halls.
  4. Original birth certificate (indicating the parents' full name) or other document confirming the authority of the legal representative who signed the powers of attorney from the points above + Russian translation of this document;
  5. A copy of the passport of the parent (legal representative) who signed the documents mentioned above + Russian translation of this document.

Contacts for dormitory and hotel accommodation: +7 (495) 604-54-36 ext. 4711, Head of Dormitory Complex Galina Lapshina.