Education - МГУТУ им. К.Г. Разумовского (ПКУ)


The departments of the University

Department of Food Technology

The directions of training: "Food from Plant Raw Materials" (the technology of fats, oils and perfumes and cosmetic products, technology of fermentation and winemaking, technology of bread, pastry and pasta, the technology of sugar products)

Department of Technological Management

The directions of training: "Food from the Plant Materials", "Technology of Production and Organization of Public Catering"

Department of Biotechnology and Fisheries

The directions of training: "Water Bio Resources and Aquaculture", "Ecology and Nature", "Biology", "Food of Animal Origin"

Department of Textile and Light Industry

The directions of training: "Technology and Design of Textiles", "Design", "Fashion Design", "Technology of Light Industry Products", "Designing Products of Light Industry", "Automation of Technological Processes and Production", "Production of Machines and Equipment", "Chemical Technology"

Department of Design and Packaging Production Organization

The directions of training: "Design", "Environmental Design", "The Technology of Printing and Packaging Production"

Department of Management

The directions of training: "Management", Business Studies (Commerce)

Department of System Automation and Innovation

The directions of training: "Automation of Technological Processes and Production", "Innovation"

Department of Social and Humanity Technologies

The directions of training: "Teacher Education", "Service", "Advertisement and Public Relations"

Department of Management and Information

Directions of training: "Production of Machines and Equipment", "Computer Science"

Department of Economics and Business

The directions of training: "Accounting", "Marketing and Foresight", "Economy and Management in Small and Medium-sized Businesses"

Law Department

The directions of training: "Law"

Department of the Cossacks


Some schools were created at Moscow State University of Technologies and Management named after K. G. Razumovsky:

School of Professional Sommeliers

  • School of Young Technologists
  • Centre of Social-economic and Humanitarian Technologies
  • Centre of Research and Training "MSUTM - Schneider-Electric"
  • International School of Service