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Health insurance

Health insurance for international students

International students studying at university are required to have health insurance. In the Russian Federation, there are two systems of health insurance: compulsory (OMS) and voluntary (VHI). All Russian citizens and some foreigners are covered by the compulsory health insurance policy. Under these policies, the costs for medical care are covered by the state budget. With voluntary insurance, the insurance companies pay for the treatment. OMS policies are only available to certain categories of foreign nationals:

  1. Foreign nationals with a temporary residence permit or a residence permit;
  2. Foreign nationals who have been granted temporary asylum in the Russian Federation;
  3. Highly qualified specialists and their family members.

Information on how and where to obtain a MHI policy (for foreign nationals who are legally entitled to a policy):

Foreign nationals who do not fall into the above categories receive medical care under the VHI policy. VHI policy for foreign citizens in the Russian Federation is compulsory regardless of the purpose of entry. A voluntary medical insurance policy is one of the mandatory documents for foreign nationals that confirms the right to stay in the Russian Federation and allows them to apply to a medical institution in the Russian Federation to receive medical assistance if necessary.

Is it compulsory for a foreign student coming to Russia to obtain a VHI policy?

Yes, the Federal Law dated 15 August 1996 № 114-FZ "On the procedure for exit from the Russian Federation and entry into the Russian Federation" obligates each foreign citizen to obtain medical insurance for the entire period of stay on the territory of the Russian Federation. The absence of a voluntary medical insurance policy could result in administrative liability for violating the regime of stay in the Russian Federation. This violation is punishable by a fine from 5 thousand to 7 thousand rubles with or without administrative expulsion from the Russian Federation (article 18.8 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation).

Which health care facilities do I have to visit in order to receive health care under the VHI?

Foreign nationals with VHI are not serviced in district health centres. If an insurance event occurs, you must contact the telephone number of the insurance company indicated in the policy and clarify the specific medical institutions that the foreign national may visit to receive medical care under the voluntary health insurance contract.

A foreigner is asked to pay for medical services at a health care facility, explaining that the service is not covered by his insurance. What should he do?

Before you pay any money, contact your health insurance company's Health Centre (see the Health Insurance Policy Form for the telephone number). They will have the most accurate information about which services are included in your plan. They will tell you whether you have to spend the money or whether the service is still covered.

What documents do I need to obtain a health insurance policy for a foreigner?

A minimum package of documents is required to obtain a health insurance policy for a foreign citizen:

  1. Passport;
  2. Migration registration or registration at the place of residence.

For how long and where can I obtain a VHI policy? Are there minimum requirements for VHI policies issued to international students at the university?

You must take out a policy for the entire period of your stay in the Russian Federation. You can obtain the policy from any insurance company that has a valid insurance licence. The main thing is that the policy must meet the minimum requirements of the university, namely:

  1. the total sum insured under the VMI policy is at least RUB 500,000;
  2. availability of outpatient and ambulatory care, emergency medical care, inpatient care (hospitalisation) in the insurance programme;
  3. availability of repatriation services to the country of citizenship in the insurance programme.

Below is a list of insurance companies where you can purchase your policy online and have it emailed to you as soon as you pay online:

Insurance company



Absolute Insurance

Insurance programme




Insurance fee

(12 months)

6 000 ₽

6 400 ₽

6 500 ₽

Total sum insured

1 100 000 ₽

2 550 000 ₽

2 200 000 ₽

Description of the insurance programme

Outpatient care with emergency dentistry, medical examination and certificate (once a year), inpatient care (hospitalisation), repatriation

Outpatient care with emergency dentistry, medical examination and certificate (once a year), inpatient care (hospitalisation), medical transport insurance (including repatriation)

Outpatient care with emergency dentistry, medical examination and certificate (once a year), inpatient care (hospitalisation), medical transport insurance (including repatriation)


It is possible to pay for the policy with bank cards issued by overseas banks

Hospital: Interuniversity Medical Centre 03 (Savelovskaya metro station, Maryina Roscha)

Link to purchase VHI policy online