Muscovite Card for students - МГУТУ им. К.Г. Разумовского (ПКУ)

Muscovite Card for students

The Muscovite Card is a social project of Moscow based on a multifunctional personalized plastic card. The card contains transport, banking, medical and identification applications. You can also receive discounts when paying for goods and services.

You can pay with this card for preferential travel on public transport and railway transport within the city of Moscow and the Moscow region, make an appointment with a doctor, and receive social benefits and discounts in stores.

Full-time students enrolled in accredited educational institutions in Moscow or registered in Moscow but studying outside of it in accredited educational institutions are entitled to receive a Muscovite card.

List of required documents:

  • identity document of the future cardholder;
  • personal insurance policy number (SNILS). What is SNILS and how to get it you can find here: After applying for SNILS, you need to provide data to the student office for inclusion in the Unified State Register in order to obtain permission to receive a Muscovite card.

Student office address: Moscow, st. Nikoloyamskaya, 32 building 1, room. №103. E-mail:;

  • information about registration, actual place of residence and contact details of the future cardholder;
  • photo (30x40 mm, strictly in JPEG format).

The social card is prepared up to 30 days.

The issue of a Muscovite card may be refused in the following cases:

  • there are no information about the future cardholder in the student register;
  • the photo submitted along with the documents does not meet the stated quality requirements;
  • the presence of a valid Muscovite card for the future cardholder or incorrect details of the current card (in case of replacement);
  • an application has already been submitted for issuing a card with similar data of the cardholder, the consideration of which has not yet been completed;
  • information about the identity document is not confirmed;
  • the submitted SNILS data of the future cardholder is not confirmed;
  • the submitted data of the compulsory medical insurance policy of the future cardholder is not confirmed.

The Muscovite Card can be ordered here: