K.G. Razumovsky MSUTM - МГУТУ им. К.Г. Разумовского (ПКУ)

K.G. Razumovsky MSUTM

Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education «K.G. Razumovsky Moscow State University of Technologies and Management (the First Cossack University)»

Our University is one of the largest Russian universities. There are 11 departments, 18 branch offices in various regions of Russia, 2 Colleges, which form a system of continuous education, doctoral and post-graduate courses and the center of pre-university training.

The University is developing intensively. It joins the State University of Innovation technologies and entrepreneurship and Morozovsky Cossack cadet corps.

There are more than 48,000 students studying at our university now.

The University is a member of the Bologna process. There is a two-level system of education at the University: Bachelor and Master Degree.

The constant updating of the educational process is going on and this priority distinctive feature is making our university different from other universities.

Classes are conducted by qualified professors with advanced degrees and great teaching experience.

The cooperation with partners.

The University collaborates with some companies such as "Auchan", "Nestle", "Schneider-Electric", "Rosagroleasing" etc.

The International School of Hospitality is created on the basis of the mountain tourism complex "Grand Hotel Polyana". Our University prepared staff for the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014.

Small innovative companies were formed at the university: "CoVent" - in the sphere of biotechnology, "Alpha-Alliance" in the sphere of obtaining nonwoven materials etc.

The University has been developing and it has received some patents in the field of the identification technologies of genetically modified organisms, technology and production of special feed formulation, production technology of mineral-enriched food supplements.

Moscow State University of Technologies and Management was established in 1953 as the All-union Correspondence Food Industry Institute.

The new stage of development began in 2008 with the appointment Valentina Ivanova as a new Rector of the University .

Valentina Ivanova leads the staff of the University to improve the quality of training and introduce the high school scientific potential into the competitive market of educational services in the time of demographic recession.

The university was named after a famous activist in the development of science and education in Russia, the first President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Count Kyril Razumovsky on the 10th of October, 2010.

The University is a member of the International Association of Universities (IAU), Association of European leading schools of Hotel and Restaurant Business (EURHODIP)and a member of several international forums and conferences.

MSUTM actively works with leading foreign universities as partners in the field of academic mobility of teaching staff and students, as well as in obtaining dual degrees.