Selection committee - МГУТУ им. К.Г. Разумовского (ПКУ)

Our University aims to improve the quality of training of specialists for strategically important sectors of the country's economy. Today, there is a global acceleration in the pace of technological development, changing the requirements of emerging labor markets and consumers. Employers create an order for highly qualified employees who are able to constantly develop, professionally and quickly adapt to technological changes and new forms of labor organization. Our University, responding to the new challenges of the time, does everything possible to ensure that our graduates meet these requirements for their professionalism.

Today, the University has the status of a leading Russian University for training specialists for the food and processing industry – professionals in the technological, engineering, biological, economic and humanitarian fields.

Our University is ranked among the best food universities in the world.

Our University is implementing a project-based learning method. Students-graduates of the University prepare complex final qualification works in the form of a formed business plan and in conjunction with business structures and enterprises, which helps them to be realized as beginning entrepreneurs or find a good job in the field of education. Project-based training in General can improve the quality of education with a focus on a specific employer, strengthen communication with business partners, involve students in scientific and entrepreneurial activities, commercialize entrepreneurial initiatives, prepare students to work in modern production, ensure the introduction of advanced technologies into real production through University graduates.

Our cluster of continuous technological education, which includes leading enterprises of the food and processing industry, also helps in this process.

Our University actively cooperates with universities around the world. Over the past year alone, 40 bilateral partnership agreements and agreements were signed with the representatives of the universities from twelve countries. Our students have an internship and have an opportunity to study in China, Norway, Bulgaria and other countries.

The main task of the management and teaching staff of our University is to help your self-realization in the profession, science, creativity, to create the most favorable conditions for the identification and development of your abilities and talents not only in school, but also in sports, creativity, and leisure.

Many interesting things are waiting for those who have entered our University. But development and education are not given just like that – you can achieve success only by your own activities, your own efforts, your own stress. Good luck on this difficult but amazing path!